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A professional company with high pressure jet washing and carpet cleaning equipment to clean the most stubborn of surfaces. We work with our customers to determine their needs and find the most appropriate solution hence our great testimonials. Whether it's Block Paving, Fascias, Conservatory Roofs, Upholstery or Carpets that need cleaning we can help.

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You name it and we can clean it. We specialise in Block Paving Restoration but can also restore  other types of Paths and Driveways. With our Telescopic Pressure Washer we can also clean those stubborn Fascias, Soffits and Conservatory Roofs with ease. Don't struggle trying to clean it yourself, get the professionals in. Give us a call and our experienced staff will make sure the job gets done and above all  done right. It's your home after all so let's make sure it looks good.

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Carpets & Upholstery


"Highly Recommended. Great Job. Great Service" - Evans, Lowton

"Fantastic Job. Great Fast Service. Would Recommend" - Hayes, Ashton

"Highly Recommended. Great Guy. Reliable" - Shaw, Lowton

"Highly Recommended. Good Price & Excellent Service" - Monaghan, Lowton